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Altering mark-up for Export Code generated lists

There are a number of export codes that generate lists of links. By default, they generate an unordered (bulleted) HTML list, i.e.

      <li> … </li>

Those 4 HTML tags can be modified by supplying 4 optional arguments:

^basicLinks( "start", "list-item-prefix", "list-item-suffix", "end" )^ 

Thus using:

^basicLinks( )^ 

is functionally the equivalent of a more explicit:

^basicLinks( "<ul>", "<li>", "</li>", "</ul>" )^ 

Using any one of these optional arguments, i.e. changing the HTML tag for one, requires all four inputs to be explicitly stated. Thus:

Incorrect: ^basicLinks( , "<il class="xlist">", , )^ 

Correct: ^basicLinks( "<ul>", "<il>", "</li>", "</ul>" )^ 

Setting a numbered list style

To change a bulleted list to a numbered list, give all four inputs, but change the first and last inputs (re-specifying the defaults for the other tow), thus:

^basicLinks( "<ol>", "<il>", "</li>", "</ol>" )^ 

Export Codes with link type filtering

A subset of list-generating codes that allow filtering by link type use a fifth option input giving the link type(s) to be included in the list:

^inboundBasicLinks("start", "list-item-prefix", "list-item-suffix", "end", "type" )^ 

For these codes, if the 'type' argument is supplied, all other arguments must be supplied even if not customised, e.g.



^inboundBasicLinks( "<ul>", "<il>", "</li>", "</ul>", "(example|untitled)" )^