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Semicolon: expression delimiter, code line end

Semicolons are used in actions to separate discrete code expressions, i.e. discrete complete tasks. a desired outcome may use one such expression or several.

$Color = "blue'; $Badge = "ok"; 

General practice is to place each expression on a new line within an action, so semicolons are most often seen as line-ends in code.

$Color = "blue'; 

$Badge = "ok"; 

The last expression in an action of multiple expression doesn't require a semicolon end but no harm comes from doing so.

$Color = "blue'; $Badge = "ok"; 

Thus for the novice a good rule of them is to always end lines of code with a semicolon.

An exception is code lines ending with an opening curly bracket—see why.

Failure to use a semicolon where needed will result in a silent failure of all or part of the action.