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Forward slash: folder delimiter in paths

When describing the path of a note in Tinderbox, each container (folder) within which the note is nested is delimited (separated) in the path text by a forward slash.

So if 'Project A' is a child of 'Projects' which in turn is a child of root-level container 'Work', the path (as also found via $Path) is:

/Work/Projects/Project A 

Note: this is why it is a good idea—if possible—to avoid using a forward slash character within a note name as it can prove problematic for some Tinderbox automation operations. Thus titles like "Project A/B" or "Project A (Part 1)" are not generally recommended if the title can be written a different way to avoid these characters: e.g. "Project A-B" or "Project A, B" and "Project A [Part 1]".