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Caret delimiters: export code operators

The caret ^ character is used with export code operators only. A caret is used to start the operator and (optionally) a closing caret. In the latter is omitted Tinderbox will output export correctly. Thus:

The value is: ^value($MyString). 


The value is: ^value($MyString)^. 

For the novice, it is safer to always use a caret as start and end of the the operator. aTbRef uses the latter convention for code examples. If reading this note in the aTbRef, all carets used in examples will be doubled, so that there don't get evaluated as actual export code when the note is exported for the website.

Note that use of export code in action code is strongly deprecated. It was allowed in very early Tinderbox so may still work. But such mixing should not be used for new code.

Export code does allow use of action code in export templates via the ^action()^export operator.