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 Function  [other Function type actions]

 Document  [operators of similar scope]

 Document configuration  [other Document configuration operators]


 As at baseline

 [More on optional operator arguments]

Syntax note: Operators without any defined mandatory arguments may omit their empty closing parentheses


To address the document() Dictionary to access a particular key use a keyStr argument. The values for the Dictionary's available properties can be accessed individually by supplying the relevant key. Quotes around the key are optional, both forms are illustrated below:

$MyFile = document["path"]; 

$MyString = document["id"]; 

$MyList = document["user-attributes"]; 

$MyURL = document["url"]; 

$MyString = document["name"]; 

$MyList = document[link-types]; 

All property keyStr above return a string value. However, the values are more usable when passed to attributes (or variables) of the precise data types shown in the examples above.