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If there is no current XML object, attempts to parse the string as XML and fails if unsuccessful. If there is a current XML object, it will be reused.

Returns a specific piece of data from the XML object, determined by the pathStrathStr should be an expression or a quoted string.

Consider a note "Source note" with this $Text:

	<book price="9.95">War and Peace</book>
	<book price="4.95">No et Moi</book>
	<audio price="14.95">Born To Run</audio>

Example usage of path:

$Text("test") = $Text("Source note").xml("/shelf/book"); 

sets $Text of note "test" to a list of children of the <shelf> element that are <book> elements. "War and Peace;No et Moi"

$Text("test") = $Text("Source note").$Text.xml("/shelf/book[2]") 

sets $Text of note "test" to the value of child element of the <shelf> element that represents the second book, "No et Moi". See 'Notes' below.

$Text("test") = $Text("Source note").$Text.xml("/shelf/book@price") 

sets $Text of note "test" to the price attribute of each book, "9.954.95"