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Syntax note: Operators without any defined mandatory arguments may omit their empty closing parentheses



This returns a Boolean depending on whether the string is empty. If empty, the return value is true, if the attribute has content then false is returned.

$MyString = ""; $MyBoolean = $MyString.empty; $MyBoolean is set to true.

$MyString = "hello"; $MyBoolean = $MyString.empty; $MyBoolean is set to true.

This operator can also be used on other attribute data types that are string-like, URL, File, Action, Color, etc., and which have no value at all by default. However, for a Number or Date, the default values of 0 or never, coerce to a literal string of "0" or "never" so the .empty() test does not work the same way. For the latter types, use the short Boolean test form, !AttributeName.