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 Stream parsing  [other Stream parsing operators]


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Captures a sequence of non-whitespace characters ('tokens'), the matched token string is passed to the specified targetAttributeStr, a quoted name of an attribute. The stream is not advanced and any chained parsing continues from the same point. Punctuation (notably @) is part of a token but *not* part of a word.

If the targetAttributeStr is omitted the Stream is advanced to the end so processing ceases.

The attribute given for targetAttributeStr can be a quoted literal string, e.g. ("Text") for $Text. Or it can be an unquoted variable/loopVariable, e.g. (vString) for a variable 'vString'.

A Tinderbox Reference File : Automating Tinderbox : Coding : Action Code : Operators : Full Operator List : Stream.captureToken[(targetAttributeStr)]