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 Function  [other Function type actions]

 Item  [operators of similar scope]

 Stream parsing  [other Stream parsing operators]


 As at baseline

 [More on optional operator arguments]



Stores all of the Stream from the current position to the end in the specified targetAttributeStr, a quoted name of an attribute, and returns an empty string.

If the targetAttributeStr is omitted the Stream is advanced to the end so processing ceases.

The attribute given for targetAttributeStr can be a quoted literal string, e.g. ("Text") for $Text. Or it can be an unquoted variable/loopVariable, e.g. (vString) for a variable 'vString'.

A Tinderbox Reference File : Automating Tinderbox : Coding : Action Code : Operators : Full Operator List : Stream.captureRest[(targetAttributeStr)]