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Syntax note: Operators without any defined mandatory arguments may omit their empty closing parentheses



Returns the first item of a list. If MyList is a 5-item list "ant;bee;cow;dog;eel":

$MyString = $MyList.first; returns "ant"

This is also the equivalent of $MyList[0] or $MyList.at(0).


Returns a list of the first N items of a list. With the same list as above:

$MyList2 = $MyList.first(2); returns "ant;bee"

Testing for loop position

This operator can be used to test the current loop state, i.e. whether the currently processed item is the first in the list. Here the code in the commented section is run only when the first list item in $MyList is being processed:

			// some code here ...

Note that '$MyList.first' is not a test in itself. Rather, it supplies the value of the first list item which can be tested against the currently processed item.

See also List/Set.last.