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Syntax note: Operators without any defined mandatory arguments may omit their empty closing parentheses



This property sets or returns the value of the green channel of an RGB colour. The value may be set with a number (0–255) or hex number (#00–#ff). The return value (if coerced to a string or number) is always a number, i.e. 255 and not #ff. By comparison the rgb() operator requires that the values for all three colour channels be set. Examples:

$MyColor.green = 255; 

$MyColor.green = "#ff"; 

$MyOtherColor.red = $MyColor.green; (value of $MyOtherColor red channel is that of $MyColor green channel)

$MyNumber = $MyColor.green;  (gives 255)

$MyString = $MyColor.green;  (gives "255")