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Returns Color as a hex-string, regardless of source data is a hex value or named color.

Thus if $MyColor is "bright red":

$MyString = $MyColor.format(); gives "#ff0000"

$MyString = $MyColor; gives "bright red"

Whilst if $MyColor is "#330099":

$MyColor.format(); gives "#330099"

$MyString = $MyColor; gives "#330099"

Therefore for a Color-type attribute set to a named colour, to get that name string simply pass the attribute's value to a string. So if $MyColor is "bright blue", this:

$MyString = $MyColor; 

…gives "bright blue" and this:

$MyString = $MyColor + " ("+$MyColor.format()+")";

…gives "bright blue (#0000ff)".

This supplements the existing format() function.