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There was a crash or hang

Crashes are self-evident—the app closes immediately and a crash log is recorded by the OS (occasionally, and extremely unusually, no log may get made). An alternate scenario is the app hangs and is 'unresponsive'. After waiting a bit the general resource is to Force Quit that app, which generates a h'ang' log. Inconveniently, macOS stores the two types of logs in different places: how to find crash and hang logs.

Crashes are not expected and remarkably rare in Tinderbox. However, once having tripped over a crash condition, repeating the cause of the crash will reliably repeat the crash. Importantly, repeating the scenario does not mean the app is now 'more crashy' but the same crash condition is being reliably completed.

Given the large toolbox that is Tinderbox, it is remarkably stable. Given the possible number of combinations of tool, task and context, it is vey possible that a user is the first person to use that combination. The fact a problem is repeatable after it is found does not imply the context is common, even if intuition makes us think otherwise.

Encountering a crash, after restart take a back-up of your active TBX. Normally a crash, if it occurs, the document might loose the last few seconds of unsaved input but generally there is no widespread harm to data. So either use the current document as a back-up or restore a recent file as a last, good reference. Do this before testing further.

At this point either pass the crash log to Tinderbox technical support (email tinderbox@eastgate.com) or continue with diagnosis.

Note that the user-to-user forum cannot diagnose crashes. Given that crashes are contextual, the fact that other users my not see the same problem is not unusual.

Useful things to investigate—if sufficient time/expertise:


Avoid doing whatever causes the crash (if the trigger is clear). Depending on the feasibility of doing so, and if the crash arises from a new release, consider rolling back to a previous version. Providing clear information to Eastgate will increase the chances of early resolution.