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Is it really a bug?

If trying to move code tested in a small file into a mature file and hitting issues, it can be useful to restart the application or just close and re-open the current document. Odd as it may seem it pays not to overlook the 'turn it off and on again' advice.

An easy hole into which to fall is to appear to have a repeatable bug or glitch that occurs consistently in the current document, only for a document re-open to magically clear the issue. The latter is not at all common but a point to bear in mind before writing in for support.

If after testing the code there is still an unexpected outcome, next try to replicate it in a new file with only as much content, if any, as it needed to re-create the criteria to produce the outcome. If still reproducible, please email Tinderbox Tech Support (tinderbox@eastgate.com) with: