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aTbRef's HTML export templates

All the templates used to export this file to HTML are stored in the aTbRef TBX file inside the top level container called "TEMPLATES".

HTML5 Templates

In Feb 2013, the templates were updated top use an HTML5 DOCTYPE and to lose all the old tables. The first method duplicated a number of templates and includes (those with a 5 prefix or suffix). As a result of this it became apparent that the 4 main templates could be merged into one, using more conditional compilation. Thus all the main content individual pages are created by: 5-basic_all.

A boolean $WebImageLandscape indicates whether the image should be be placed above/before text, or (for most, portrait oriented, images) are floated right in the main text. As the preferences section uses aliases for the Doc-level preference notes, but needs different screen grabs, $WebImageA holds the alternate image and another conditional is used to figure this out.

Old templates are marked with a strike-through in the TBX to help identify those still in use.

Shortly after the move to HTML5, it was discovered that the ^similarTo^ links did not evaluate correctly when placed in an include. The first 5-basic_all was thus saved as an archive copy (named5-basic_all (changes for similarTo links)) and 5-basic_all was updated to place the ^similarTo^ code back in a main template. As a result the on/off boolean attribute for the old include was moved into the main template: this allows suppression of the similar-to links and a circa 20-fold increase in the time taken to export (useful when testing!).

As it happens, the need for boilerplate includes becomes less with the move to one main template, although it does segment out the code slightly, making it easier to find the right part for re-editing. So, for now most of the includes remain.

The 5-basic_all template contains 4 booleans to turn off features that slow export or require web (WAN) access:

Original HTML4 templates

Originally, the site exported all content via 4 templates:

In turn these used/included:

The HTML sitemap uses:

The XML sitemap uses:

The Atom feed uses:

The RSS feed uses:

The version checker uses: version-check.

The build-version check uses: version-build-check.

The CSS styles page uses: body_text_only.

The image zipper uses: zipper-images-code.

The TBX zipper uses: zipper-code.

The BOILERPLATE includes all use: body_text_only.

A 'redirect' template is included for later use when the current baseline is superseded, diverting users to what will be the new URL.

A few other basic templates are also included for general test/admin purposes.