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A Tinderbox Reference File

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"aTbRef" (A Tinderbox Reference) is a reference file aboutTinderbox's objects and functions, from which this website is generated since 2004. It has been written and updated by Mark Anderson a long-time user of Tinderbox (see more) and it is offered to the Tinderbox community as a free public service under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence (licence details); voluntary donations to help defray costs are welcomed—see the link at the bottom of all pages.

Version Baseline: aTbRef95 is baselined on v9.5.0b597 (released 9 December 2022) and includes changes up to and including v9.5.2b606 (28 Feb 2023). Or see other baselines, based on older versions. Also see Eastgate's version release pages and release dates of versions prior to the current baseline.

Change Log: this section section for significant per-release changes since the above release which is the baseline for this re-release of aTbRef. In-text references to per-release changes prior to the baseline have been removed as they are now baseline features; some may remain if still pertinent to understanding the app's functioning. If a page is listed as created a version not in the Change Log, it is simply because it has been exported using a (non-public) beta build.

Quicklinks: a set of 'quicklinks' to key listings within aTbRef are at the top and bottom of every page, including to the sitemap which is the closest there is to an index for aTbRef.



This file is supposed to go along with the existing manual & release notes (available via the app's Help menu) as well as the Tinderbox forum—see more. Although aTbRef contains some examples of use, it is not, by design, a 'how-to' resource. 'how-to' questions are best addressed by the Tinderbox forum.

Its main aim is to serve as an "on the go" (online) as well as a personal (TBX file) reference to Tinderbox use.

This file is shared "as is", the author will not be held responsible for its content; it may be used/republished under a Creative Commons Licence.