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tinderbox tag

The 'tinderbox' tag wraps the overall data:

<tinderbox version="2" revision="13" savedBy="version 9.0.0 b523" uuid="5FD9193F-D2E3-4849-B7DE-C4D759536C01" >

version. The (presumed) structural version of the TBX file: a number.

revision. The (presumed) revision version of file version: a number

savedBy. The app version number that created or last saved the current file: a version number and more recently a beta/build number as well (here build number 542); an application version number string

uuid. A unique identifying number for this file to assist with external access/identicification: an alphanumeric hash string.

The 'tinderbox' object contains a number of standard child tags: