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Prototype: HTML


This used for correctly configuring notes used as export templates. Historically those were, and most often still are used for exporting HTML but can be used for formatting any export template. Here, normal writing affordances like changing straight quotes to typographic quotes are harmful so are disabled.

In older versions, this prototype was called HTML Template: existing files are unaffected. The change is in name only and not function.

Although this prototype has the $IsTemplate flag set, app dialogs (correctly) do not list it as an available template.

This prototype's non-default customisations (other than $IsPrototype, $Name, and intrinsic map features (height, width, etc.) are listed below.

$DominantLanguage: "en".

$Badge: "tools".

$Color: "lighter black".

$OnAdd: $Prototype="HTML";.

$HTMLDontExport: true (ticked).

$HTMLFirstParagraphEnd: "" (empty string).

$HTMLFirstParagraphStart: "" (empty string).

$HTMLIndentedParagraphEnd: "" (empty string).

$HTMLIndentedParagraphStart: "" (empty string).

$HTMLParagraphEnd: "" (empty string).

$HTMLParagraphStart: "" (empty string).

$IsTemplate: true (ticked).

$NoSpelling: true (ticked).

$ParagraphSpacing: "0".

$SmartQuotes: false (un-ticked).

$Tabs: "0.375;0.375;0.375;0.375;0.375;0.375;0.375;0.375;".

$TextFont: "Andale Mono".

$Ziplinks: false (un-ticked).