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OPML Export

Tinderbox content can be exported in OPML using appropriate templates, taking care to encode for XML standards and to encode paragraph breaks in $Text. The following operators are provided to assist with OPML export:

The OPML standard is still quote loose but the following is a list of TB attributes to standard and common non-standard OPML attributes (non-standard tags in italics):

Note that the OPML element is not supported. Tinderbox's outline branch expand/collapse state is not accessible as an attribute to populate the tag. However, for data validation's sake, do include the empty tag () in any export templates.

A pair of wrapper/item templates, similar to those below, were added to the built-in templates. Scrivener users get similar (OPML-based) template for export for ingest Scrivener

Below are specimen templates for OPML export. Use the 'OPML-wrapper' template with a container note containing all the top level note(s) forming the actual OPML items. The 'OPML-wrapper' calls the 'OPML-item' template which then recursively calls itself to build out the OPML outline:

Dates in OPML. If the user wishes to use the optional 'created' OPML attribute, then RFC 822 format should be used. For example:


outputs (on aTbRef's author's system)

created="Thu, 14 Jan 2010 08:58:47 +0000"