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 color   [other color-type attributes]


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 Map item text configuration







Colour used for the name (title) of the note in Map views.

To set the colour of the title if displayed (via $ShowTitle) in the note's text window, use $TitleForegroundColor.

The colour can be specified as a named Tinderbox colour or – from v2.4.0 – as a hex colour, i.e. 'black' or '#000000'.

Default: automatic. This results in either a black or white colour depending on the value of $Color.

The colour of body text displayed in a map note icon is set via $MapBodyTextColor.

This colour may also 'transparent'. This option is intended to help those wishing to use images to form a note icon's contents in Map view. If the note title is transparent, when the note is selected, the note title will still be visible in the text pane.

$NameColor can be set via the Text Inspector → Title tab, 'Color' colour controls.