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List/Set.collect_if(label, expression)

Each item in the list is bound in turn to label, and then the expression is evaluated. The operator returns a list of all the results.

$MyListA = $MyList.collect_if(x,x<3,x); returns 1;2

$MyListA = $MyList.collect_if(x,mod(x,2),x); returns 1;3;5

$MyListA = $MyList.collect_if(x,mod(x,2),x*x); returns 1;9;25

If $MyList is “Winken;Blinken;Nod", then:

$MyListA = $MyList.collect_if(x,x.lowercase); winken;blinken;nod

$MyListA = $MyList.collect_if(x,x.contains('i'),x.lowercase); winken;blinken

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