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Built-in (export) Templates

A method for quickly adding export templates follows that for built-in Prototypes. A File menu item displays a sub-menu of built-in export templates that can be added to the current document.

If no templates already exist, a root-level container 'Templates' is added. The 'Templates' container's $OnAdd is set to $IsTemplate = true. Also the built-in prototype 'HTML Template' is added to the existing built-in Prototypes container or the latter container is also added. If a 'Templates' and/or 'Prototypes' container exists these are used for any newly added notes instead of creating new containers.

From v8, the built-in Templates container is required to be a top-level note; an interior note names "templates" or "Templates" will not be adopted as the document's built-in templates container.

The offered built-in templates are:

Once templates are added the user can modify the template code.

Note that a prototype that is also an export template (e.g. 'HTML Template', below) will not be listed in the Template pop-up menu. This is so that a note can inherit template status via a template without cluttering the template listing with prototypes.