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Unicode Codes for Keyboard symbols

Unicode Codes for Keyboard symbols

Illustrated are the correct Unicode code numbers for a variety of Mac keyboard related symbols.

The easiest way to use these via a keyboard is to open System Preferences' International/Language section (name varies with OS version) and in the Input sources list tick the option for "Unicode Hex input"). Then with that input mode selected, type Opt+[number].

For example: Opt+2318 gives (the Cmd key symbol). Or, to write them a HTML entity codes: &#x2318.

When switching input methods, don't forget when done to switch back to your normal language!


⌘ Command (Cmd) U+2318

⌥ Option (Opt or Alt) U+2325

⌃ Control (Ctrl) U+2303

⇧ Shift U+21E7

⇪ Caps Lock U+21EA

↩ Return U+21A9

⌤ Enter U+2324

⌫ Delete (Backspace) U+232B

⌦ Forward Delete U+2326

⎋ Escape (Esc) U+238B

⏏ Eject U+23CF

⌽ Power U+2333D

⇥ Tab U+21E5

⇞ Page Up U+21DE

⇟ Page Down U+21DF

↖ Home U+2196

↘ End U+2198

← Left Arrow U+2190

→ Right Arrow U+2192

↑ Up Arrow U+2191

↓ Down Arrow U+2193 

▸ Black right pointing small triangle U+25B8 (used for menu ▸ sub-menu indicators)

fn Function (Fn) - type letters 'fn'

Footnote: in most Mac fonts, Opt+Shift+K will insert the Apple logo, e.g. .

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