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Preferences occur at two levels — Tinderbox and document level. All Tinderbox level preferences are used in a document unless they differ at document level, in which case the document's preferences are used.

The main Tinderbox preferences can be open from from either the 'Tinderbox' menu or the Edit menu or via the shortcut [Cmd]+[,] (note: this shortcut is not shown on the Edit menu item).

Document preferences may be opened from the Edit menu only, or using the shortcut [Cmd]+[8].

Document preferences include 3 additional tabs not found in the main Tinderbox preferences: Ping, Weblog & Mail. These are usually document specific.

For all preference tabs except 'Ping' there is no way to reset factory defaults, so it is advisable not to tinker with settings until you have gained some experience with Tinderbox. Experiment by changing preferences at (per) document level until you are sure you want to apply the change to all files; note that file configuration changes only affect new files, whereas display settings tend to apply to all files. Text-based link color is a notable exception as the link color values are embedded at time of creation and can only be altered subsequently by removing and recreating the link or by editing the raw XML outside Tinderbox (backup first if doing so!).

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