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Tinderbox's host OS is case-sensitive as is the app in the majority of cases. Notable exceptions are export codes and agent query special arguments. In both cases there is a general TB usage convention to intercapitalise such words - lower case start and capitals at concatenated word boundaries. Intercapitalisation helps distinguish different Tinderbox code types.

Conversely, attributes are case-sensitive: IsInside, Isinside, isInsdie and isinside would all be treated as different attributes by Tinderbox if forced to guess. Of the four styling the first is recommended, the second less so and the last two are deprecated to avoid user or app confusion as to purpose when using in code.

To help illustrate this, consider a fictional 'insideness' state - 'is inside' - as expressed through the major code types, noting that:

Other areas where case sensitivity has an impact are in searching (queries & find dialog) and sorting (containers). By default:

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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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