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An agent is a special note: it can have text, links, etc. as per a normal note but its children can only ever be aliases. These aliases are any notes meeting the criteria of a query stored in the special AgentQuery attribute. Thus an agent normally acts as a container for aliases. As well as gathering aliases, an Agent can act on the aliased notes via the code stored in its AgentAction attribute. As the query is run continuously, agents are also dynamic in their filtering. As notes alter they may change their match to the query and be added to or removed from the agent's child aliases.

Agents may not be turned into notes, nor notes into agents - both must initially be created as the type of object desired. However the agent can have note text, key attributes and other note features although it is more usual for an agent to be used simply as an filter to gather - and act upon - aliases.

Like a note, an Agent can also have a Rule attribute allowing it to apply changes to itself as well as its contained aliases.

Actions and rules may use simple arithmetic and logical expressions.

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