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The original grabs here were made using Tinderbox v2.3.4 and v2.4.0 and added to as new versions have changed the UI. Grabs are created with Ambrosia's Snaps Pro X with post-editing if required in GraphicConverter.

The images are not stored in this TBX but are online at:

There is no index (as a web page) of the files in the above folder. I have attempted to get grabs of every dialog in the application and hope to get better versions of some as I get to understand their function a bit better.

If you use the TBX version of this site, any pages that use screen-grabs should have their URL attribute set to the web address of the image so, assuming you're online, clicking the URL button in a note sidebar should open the image in your web browser.

Should you wish to download the images for local use, please do so. I would ask though that apart for occasional references (blog items, etc.) that you don't hot-link to the images. If you're hosting a version of this on your own servers for regular use, I'd ask that you copy the images to your server and point to those.

Bottom line - please be mindful of my bandwidth.

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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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