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Links connect two notes or a note with an external reference. There are two discrete forms of link origin, basic links (linked at note level) and text links (based on a selected section of text) which are described in more detail in the notes linked to below.

As well as internal links, links may be created outside the file to web URLs, RRS feeds, etc. A web link can also be a 'mailto' URL causing the user's mail client to be opened when the link is clicked or a local file (using the 'file:///' protocol).

Every link has 'link type' label (the default is 'untitled' — i.e. it has no title).

Links to aliases are supported. This is useful for hierarchical documents like aTbRef that make use of aliases as it enables each alias to be exported as and linked to as a discrete note in its correct location in the document hierarchy.

Note that basic and text links to other notes are suppressed on export if the target note is not exported as a stand-alone page - e.g. the target is only exported as an ^include^ to another note. It might be assumed the 'parent' of the include would inherit the inbound link but it doesn't and this can be an important fact to consider when laying out a TBX that is intended to generate HTML export (like this document!).

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