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Normally, Tinderbox lets you embed html in your notes, and exports that embedded HTML without change.

Sometimes, though, you want to show an example of your HTML (or some other programming language) on a Web page. That means you want the HTML tags to appear as you see them in Tinderbox, i.e. you see the character sequence "<b>", not the effect of bolding some text.

Originally, setting HTMLQuoteHTML to false let you export HTML examples in an entire note. But, sometimes, you want the example to be handled differently than the rest of the note so Tinderbox also allows these usages:.

Setting HTMLQuoteHTML to true will override this feature - so don't mix the two! If it it is set to false and you want to over-ride auto

Note that if you use <code> for a single line sample, you won't emit a wrapping <p> tag as Tinderbox doesn't emit an 'auto-paragraph' if:

So, if you want such a single line code example emitted as a separate paragraph, place an option+space at the end of the line after the </code> tag. Tinderbox will detect this and add the <p> tags; even better, if the line starts with a tab it will use your TBX's defined indented-paragraph styling.

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