Rename Adornment dialog

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This allows you to edit setting for existing adornments in Map views. The dialog has the following settings:

  • Name. This is also the visual caption used on the adornment. To 'hide' the text caption set the text color to the same as the 'Color' setting (below). To use a text caption with no visible adornment color/boundary set the 'color' property (below) to 'transparent'.
  • Text color. This is the color of the adornment's text caption. Default value is 'normal' which for a default body color is white text , or black if the adornment body is set to transparent. Note, the color qualifiers come before the color when used as a color name in actions, etc.; select 'blue' + 'lighter' but refer to it as 'lighter blue'.
  • Alignment. Settings offered are:
    • Normal (default). Usually resolves as 'left'.
    • Left.
    • Center.
    • Right.
  • Prototype. The prototype note on which to base the initial attributes of new notes created on or dragged onto the adornment.
  • Color. This is the color of the adornment area itself. Default value is 'normal'; this resolves to a grey fill and 2-pixel black border.
  • OnAdd Action. Action code to perform on any new notes created in or moved to the adornment - i.e. it affects any note on top of the adornment (but not the adornment itself). This code is applied every time agents are updated. The code is stored in the OnAdd attribute.
  • Locked. If ticked, the adornment cannot be moved without clearing this setting. This can be useful when reorganising a map so the adornment is not accidentally shifted. Default is un-ticked.
  • Sticky. If ticked, moving the adornment also moves the notes behind which it sits. this saves you the trouble of moving an adornment and then having to re-position the notes on top of them. Default is un-ticked.

Atypically, this dialog cannot be called from any of the main menus, but only from a Map view's pop-up menu.

Rename Adornment dialog


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[Last updated: 1 Dec 2008]

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