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Attribute = data

For all the gathered notes, sets the value of the specified Attribute to the given data; most often this is an attribute value. However, note that the data is a fixed value, not an expression. If a string to right of an = sign (or any variant of that, !=, <=, etc.) is a an attribute name, the name and not the value of the attribute is assigned as the value of the left side's attribute. Assume a note has a Color value of 'red' and the Rule:

MyUserAttr = Color

The result is not 'red' but rather it is 'Color'. If you want the value of an attribute, i.e. 'red' in this example, then your ruke should be :

MyUserAttr = $Color

See the note on $Attribute for further detail.

It is possible to confuse action/rule use of the = sign with agent queries. In the latter case the = implies a comparison. With actions/rules is is an assignment.

Actions and rules are allowed to specify a different target:



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