Tinderbox User's Manual : The Footnote Tool

The Footnote Tool

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The footnote tool provides a quick way to annotate a selected

word or phrase. In one click, it:

The selected text becomes the name of the new note.

To create a footnote

In a text window,


Tinderbox will create a new note named after the selected text, and open a text window for you to write in that new note.

Tinderbox will also create a new text link from the selected text to the new note, and a new link from the new note back to the selected text.

The note is created next to the note it annotates—a sibling of the source note. If you press the shift key while clicking the footnote tool, the note is created inside the note it annotates.

This new note is like any other note. You can write in it, add images, and add more links as you choose. You can close its text window, and the text window you came from will still be open.

Creating notes and links with the note tool can be handy for adding definitions, explanations, footnotes, or other quick annotations. You can easily follow the text link from the annotated text to the note, and easily follow the link from the note back to the annotated text.

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[Last updated: 26 Jul 2009]

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