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Preferences control aspects of how documents appear and Tinderbox behaves on your computer.

Tinderbox Preferences also controls Tinderbox’s behavior when no documents are open — for example, whether Tinderbox shows the introductory screen or creates a new document at startup.

Note that Tinderbox Preferences does not affect documents you’ve already created.


General: Enter your username and choose whether to open new notes immediately, have the toolbar be initially visible, run scripts automatically, or show dialog at startup.

Text: Alter margins, paragraph spacing, fonts, text size and alignment, text color, background color, width, and height. Choose whether to magnify fonts, remember window positions, keep windows open, magnify pictures, frame text links, or have colored text links (and if so, choose the color of text links, visited links, and active links).

Title: Choose whether to show titles. Select background and text color for the titles, font, size, and alignment.

Maps: These preferences control maps, outlines, and other views. Choose whether to show links, used curved links, and allow enactment (a short "zoom" animation that shows you what's happening when you move down into, or up out of, a container). Select the background color, and the font and size of note labels. Darken the colors used for drawing outline text

HTML: Enter your URL (web server) and select your HTML template. Choose whether to export text links, basic links, hierarchical links, and link types. Choose a format for link images and which application to open/edit files with. Export paragraphs as prose (paragraph breaks) or poetry (line breaks). Choose whether exported names end with .html, .htm, or neither. Select the font and font size used for the HTML View window.

Text Export: Choose your text export template and preferred editor; sets the font preference for text export display.

Warnings: Choose whether to show warnings about duplicate names and before changing default values. Get a warning before deleting notes either always, never, or only if the note has children.

Ping: (Document Preferences only): Enter the title and URL of your weblog to enable the pinging of weblogs.com or another server. You may change the default Server and Method, which are set up for the most popular server as of this writing, or click the Restore Factory Defaults button to return to the original values.

Weblogs: (Document Preferences only):Set up Tinderbox to post to remote weblogs. User and Password are those associated with your blog. Other settings (server, WeblogID, Weblog type) will depend on your remote weblog; see the Web Pages Built of Many Notes chapter for more detail on remote weblogs.

Email: If you wish this Tinderbox document to receive email from its own mailbox, enter the login information for the mail account here.

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[Last updated: 26 Jul 2009]

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