Tinderbox User's Manual : Appendix 5: Date Formats

Appendix 5: Date Formats

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L: local time, in long format, using the system format settings (example: Tuesday, April 29, 2003.)

l: local time, in short format, using the system format settings (example: 4-29-03)

d: day of the month (example:29)

D: formats date 01-31, with leading zero

m: number of month (example:4)

M: abbreviation of month (example:Apr)

MM: name of month (example:April) w: abbreviation of weekday (example:Tue)

M0: formats month numerically 01-12, with leading 0

W: name of weekday (example:Tuesday)

y: year (example:2003)

t: time, in local format (example:2:32 pm)

h: hour of the day on a 24-hour clock (example:13:39)

H: hour of the day on a 12-hour clock (example:1:39)

mm: minute of the hour (example:05 for five minutes after the hour)

s: second

p: AM or PM

*: date/time in RFC 822 format (example:Thu, 18 Feb 2004 19:12:08 0500)

=: date in ISO 8601 format (example:2004-02-18)

Tinderbox also accepts expressions such as today, yesterday, tomorrow, yesterday + 1 week, tomorrow + 1 year, and never (later than any other date).

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