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Query tab

Query tab

The Query tab is used for agents (and smart adornments) only.

The main input box is used for adding or editing a query ($AgentQuery). Pressing the Return key commits any changes made and runs (or updates) the query. The code box has auto-completion for action code and attribute names (based on using a $-prefix).

The number of items currently matching the query, i.e. the child count of the agent is show at top right.

[Feature removed from v7.5.0, as .contains and .icontains give better control. Case insensitive. If ticked (the default) any comparisons of string values are case sensitive [sic]. This setting is effectively a legacy compatibility control. This is best left as default and sensitivity controlled by choosing use of .contains() versus .icontains() as appropriate. Sets $AgentCaseSensitive.]

Priority. This pop-up controls whether the agent is 'on' or not. Sets $AgentPriority. See more on controlling agent priority.

Note that an agent's query, action and priority can also be set from the agent tab of the Get Info pop-over.