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 Agent configuration






Controls the way in which maps of agent containers are organised.

Values are case-sensitive. Accepted values are:

In the default mode, the agents contents will be organised in a grid, as was previously the case; the order of items in the grid being set, again as before, via the sort attributes for the agent container.

If the $CleanupAction value is set to "none" - or indeed any value other than "grid" including no value - the user is free to arrange the items within the agent containers as they would any other map. Whilst in this freeform mode the normal Map view Cleanup pop-up menu items may also be used.

In "none" mode Tinderbox adds new aliases to the agent map by the logic used for a normal map so it should avoid overlapping/hidden icons, etc.

Although smart adornments have agent-like queries they do not use $CleanupAction.

Prior to v7.5.5, this attribute was in the General group of system attributes.