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A function collect_if() builds a List; see collect() for a related new operator.


builds a set by collecting all the notes corresponding to group, testing each note to see if it meets condition, and adding the value of the designated attribute to the set.

group may be any group designator, or group defined by find(). In addition, group may be argument that designates a particular (single) note other than 'this'.

condition is a valid conditional test - i.e. it equates to true when matched.

attribute can be any expression, but is typically an attribute.

For example,


will construct a set of the names of all of this note's important children.

Note that collect_if's function is related to agents; many tasks you might perform with collect_if could be done as well, or better, with an agent.

If a list of unique values is required - i.e. a set rather than a list, simply pass the output to a Set attribute. Thus if:

$MyList = collect_if(children,$Age>6,$FavFruit) $MyList is "Apples;Oranges;Pears;Apples"

$MySet = collect(children,$Age>6,$FavFruit) MySet is "Apples;Oranges;Pears;"

A Tinderbox Reference File : Actions & Rules : Operators : Full Operator List : collect_if(group,condition,attribute)