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Pattern: bar(30)

Pattern: bar(30)

Note that this pattern can't be set via the Pattern menu, but only via action code or Info view. Rather it is set via manual editing of this attribute or via actions, rules, etc., acting upon it.

bar(value,[min],[max]). The draws as a horizontal 'progress bar', using $Color and $Color2. The 'progress' block is drawn in $Color2.

The parameters work this way:

The arguments in the brackets may be numbers or expressions that can be evaluated as numbers. As $Pattern is a string parameter, remember to enclose the statement in quotes so the program coerces the output to a string. If a note's $Width is 3.0, then


is the same as writing


If the pattern is written without parameters or brackets, it evaluates as if at 50%, e.g. bar() and bar are the same as bar(50).

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