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With key attributes and without sidebar

With key attributes and without sidebar

A basic note window with an uncustomised view with the sidebar hidden (non-default) has the following elements, working top to bottom:

If the window is not big enough to support a sidebar the Views menu item to toggle the sidebar is greyed out with the caption "Too narrow for sidebar". Resize the note horizontally to re-enable the sidebar toggle feature.

Key attributes table (at top of text panel)

A table layout of attribute title/value cells. Values can be edited and the list re-ordered by drag/drop of the title cells. An item is deleted by dragging it out of the table. An item is added by using the Key attributes button in the sidebar or setting $KeyAttributes, or dragging a selected attribute from the User or System panes of the Attribute dialog. See more on the ket attributes table. Displayed value boxes only support the MacRoman character set - Unicode data may not display properly although underlying Unicode data if not affect as long as the box is not edited.

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