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Export template

Export template

Export template. Default: built-in 'outline' template. Select an export template from any of:

Use the Finder dialog to locate the export template to be used as the default template for text export; it will be used for all exportable notes that have no explicit template name set at note/macro code level. If an external template is selected here, Tinderbox also uses the OS folder containing the template to look for any other templates specified in the export code.

Tinderbox ships with some specimen templates stored internally within the application package (default: 'outline'). This means you can immediately access a few basic templates in a new TBX without first having to manually set up external or internal templates first as in the past. Of course, if you wish to use your own templates you will still need to set the template folder location manual before use.

The pop-up list (also seen in the Nakakoji view template selector) lists - in order - internal note templates, any files in the external folder holding the default template and Tinderbox's internal built-in templates.

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