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Plain text export

This form of export is done via the Plain Text export view, also called the 'Nakakoji' view. The view is pan-document and only one can be opened per TBX document. Unlike HTML export, the scope of export is dictated by selections made on the view. The scope can be:

Generally, the second option is the most used. Via use of the envelope & letter technique it is possible to use a small number of templates to cascade across a large number of notes.

Plain text export uses a sub-set of Tinderbox's export code markup. The primary limitation is in use of stylistic mark-up and this method is designed to export plain text for file in UTF-8 encoding. The export data can be selected copied from the export view window if desired, e.g. to avoid creating a file on disk. As the scope of notes exported is controlled by the export view, making data includes via export code are not supported.

The template to be used is the document's default preference, unless set at note level or overridden by selecting a choice from the export view itself.

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