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Pre-populating key attribute pop-up lists

When string-based attributes (String, List, Set) are shown as key attributes then once discrete values are added to the attribute, these are all shown via a pop-up list via the triangular icon at the right end of the attribute value edit box. For fast entry, autocompletion using matched list items is also possible. however, do bear in mind limitations on the length of and number of entries in these lists.

If the list of likely values is known in full (or part) before the main data is added to the document, it is easy to pre-populate the attributes value list.

Lists/Sets. To a single note, add every known value you wish to use. These will instantly be available to all other notes for use.

Strings. As above, but because the strings are discrete per-note values, a note is needed for each 'seeded' value (unlike using one note for a List, etc.); thus a 20 value list would need 20 notes.

Pitfalls to avoid, when planning this sort of use:

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