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Built-in (export) Templates

New to v5.10.0, a method for adding export templates follows that for built-in Prototypes. A File menu item displays a sub-menu of built-in export templates that can be added to the current document.

Note, somewhat confusingly these are a completely different set of templates from those built into Tinderbox itself for default previewing of code.

If none already exists, a root-level container 'Templates' is added. Also the built-in prototype 'HTML Template' is added to the existing built-in Prototypes container or the latter container is also added. If a 'Templates' and/or 'Prototypes' container exists these are used for any newly added notes instead of creating new containers.

The offered templates are:

v5.10.2 made small changes to the templates to make child template assignments by just template name rather than path allowing for more flexible use.

Once templates are added the user can modify the template code. The container.

The 'Templates' container's $OnAdd is set to $IsTemplate = true.

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