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Automatic Geocoding

New to v5.9.0, Tinderbox will automatically attempt to find the location of notes where an $Address is set and both $Latitude and $Longitude are 0 (zero, i.e. unset). This is done using Google's geocoding service. If a value for latitude or longitude has already been entered no further lookup occurs. Thus if $Address changes, the user must reset $Latitude and $Longitude to zero to update them. From v5.10.1, the checking of values is done as part of the agent/Rule update cycle.

The geocoding service is more likely to work for addresses in the more developed parts of the globe. For such areas including national zip/post codes in addresses will certainly help improve accuracy (or getting response at all).

It is important to note that Tinderbox has no control over the results offered, it simply uses the result - if any - returned by Google's service. Thus Tinderbox must poll Google with $Address data but this doesn't guarantee $Latitude or $Longitude values or their accuracy.

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