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What does a Tinderbox document contain?

A Tinderbox document is a self-contained storage of your notes and information about them including:

Note that embedding images inside a document - whether as map adornments or in notes - will likely add noticeably to the overall file size of the document.

The document data is stored as XML. Those whose understand XML can (at their own risk) - use XML tools and techniques to read, extract or even modify data. No not attempt to edit data for Tinderbox files that are currently open in Tinderbox but close them first.

Either to save space for long term storage or for safe transmission (e.g. as email attachments), Tinderbox files compress quite well. To make a ZIP format archive of one or more documents, select the Tinderbox file(s) in a Finder window, right-click the selection and choose the 'Compress' option. A Zip file will be created alongside the selection. The name of the file is either the filename plus a '.zip' extension or '' if multiple files are compressed. The name of the compressed file can be altered without affecting the contents (though leave the .zip' extension!).

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