This version is out of date, covering development from v5.0.0 to v5.12.2. It is maintained here only for inbound reference links from elsewhere.

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Inserting images into notes

NOTE: the change of text engine in Tinderbox v5.0.0-v5.8.1 means those versions won't accept newly-pasted images. Images in existing documents will, in general, appear normally; some issues might arise. For additional assurance, documents that use images will open as untitled; save them with a new name while preserving a copy of the original. It is intended to re-enable previous functionality when issues with the new text engine are resolved. In the interim, consider using the File button to associate external image files with a note.

Image insertion into notes was restored to partial support support status (see Release Notes) from v5.9.0, though take note that the method of insertion has been changed.

To add an image to a note, drag-drop the image file from Finder into a main view window. A new note is created, whose $Name is the filename/extension of the dropped file. A this point, the $Text of the note contains only the image data. At this point the user can:

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