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Dragging attribute palette items between TBXs

To drag attributes, open the Attributes palette for each TBX and drag selected items from one palette to the other. In addition, the same tab of both palettes must be selected before dragging. Only one listed item can be selected/dragged at a time.

Attributes. User attributes and macros can be dragged from one TBX to another - though for macros you need to ensure you've created or copied any needed attributes as well. There is no need to drag system attributes as these already exist in both TBXs - though if the user has changed the default value of a system attribute in one TBX, the same value would need to be set manually in the other (i.e. it can't be dragged across). Attributes can only be selected (and thus dragged) one at a time.

If copying notes between TBXs that also need to retain their user attribute info, ensure the necessary attributes are set up before copying the note.

Colors. Individual (user-defined) colours cannot be drag-copied. However, custom colours can be saved as colour palette files and these files can then be dropped onto (any window) of a TBX to impose a new colour configuration.

Stamps. Stamps cannot be dragged between TBXs.

Link Types. Link Types cannot be dragged between TBXs.

Macros. Macros can be dragged between between TBXs. As with attributes, items must be dragged one at a time.

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