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Timeline code export dialog

Timeline code export dialog

Added in v5.7.0, this dialog allows the user to export the existing timeline in HTML & JavaScript form for use in a web page. The code block is designed for simple copy/paste use. Click the button on the dialog and the code is pasted to the OS clipboard and the dialog closes.

Paste the code snippet into the body element of an HTML page, save and view the page in an HTML capable browser (any of the current crop of major browsers).

There are 3 boxes in the upper toolbar that can be user-altered and which interactively update the code the user can copy to their HTML page:

Changing any of the above will update the code in the centre pane of the dialog.

Colouring of the code follows the example of the HTML view. Grey text is verbatim (from a built-in template) and black text is generated output via export code functions.

The event data within the exported code is exported in JSON format (a JavaScript-based syntax).

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