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 Already in v5.0.0


Opacity of a note icon in map view.

The default opacity value of 100 leaves notes opaque, while an opacity of zero allows the note interior to be transparent.

Translucency may be useful in some maps with complex link networks, and also permits interesting visual effects.

N.B. Borders are not translucent.

Containers and agents are never translucent. If a note was translucent, later becomes a container, and later yet becomes a simple note once more, the note's $Opacity will again control its opacity.

Notes using some shapes – "cloud" and "bubble" – are drawn without borders when translucent.

The Interior inspector's, Pattern -> translucent option toggles an Opacity value of 50/100.

From v5.10.2, both $TitleOpacity and $SubtitleOpacity are independent of $Opacity. However, the if higher than the value of $Opacity, the latter value is used when drawing the note.

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