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 Already in v5.0.0


Controls the initial Y-axis scroll position of Map views of the contents of a container.

The value is in map units. These co-ordinates are floating-point numbers, and use the same relative co-ordinates as $Xpos and $Ypos.

For $MapScrollY, position '0' is when the scroll bar is in the middle of the view's horizontal window scroller.

In the parent's viewport $MapScrollY is drawn halfway down the interior of the container's icon (i.e. $Height/2) though depending on $TitleHeight the position itself may be obscured.

If $MapScrollX/Y are {0.0}, then a note where $Xpos=0;$Ypos=0 will be around the middle of the screen.

This attribute works in conjunction with $MapScrollX.

The attribute can be set via actions so it is possible to pre-set a particular area of the parent map to be set to be onscreen when opened.

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